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Content on Converge gets seen. We’ve generated over

1.5 million views of member content since 2018.

How do our members benefit?


Converge members expose their content to more of their target audience and earn passive, consistent traffic to their content and their websites.

Converge members increase their own website's visibility thanks to ‘do-follow’ backlinks in every article published.



Converge member content is promoted effectively to influencers and a ready-made audience, saving our members lots of time.

Converge members use exclusive resources to level up and make their content work harder and go further.


The ability to syndicate content is high value.


Andy Crestodina - Converge Member

Co-Founder & CMO - Orbit Media

Who should syndicate content with Converge?

Any business that has excellent content and wants to increase the number of people that see it and engage with it.

Syndicating it to Converge can ensure your content works harder for you, and sits it in front of the types of audiences you want to engage with and attract to your site consistently and passively.

One rule - provide genuine value.


Your content MUST provide our community with value. After all, that’s what they’re here for. That means we want your advice and/or opinions on a wide range of business topics.

We don’t tolerate sales content. That’s a BIG no-no here. It's not what our audience want to read, and it doesn't perform well anyway. Leave it behind.



Content on Converge goes far and wide. There have been well over 50,000 independent shares of Converge member content across social media channels.

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What our members say

"We have come to rely on the Converge platform to help us build awareness of our company, and authority in our brand. We also use the platform regularly as a resource to learn from, to help us make better business decisions."

Nick Johnson

Managing Director @ Precept

"Lumo have worked with Converge for a little over a year now and has achieved large growth over the last 12 months with their support. Lumo is now classified as a high growth firm and the strategy of working with Converge has paid dividends"

Head of Marketing @ Lumo

and Harlands Accountants

Darren Wingfield

"As a marketer, content is critical to authentically raising brand awareness and creating positive engagement with customers. Joining the Converge community is a brilliant way to share content with SME audiences that are hungry to learn. The platform cuts out noise, provides tangible search benefits, and delivers visibility to a ready-made audience."

Geoff Phillips

Founder @ Canvas Marketing

"The Converge website is extremely intuitive and easy to use, meaning we can share our content almost instantly with one or two clicks, not just across the network itself, but to a wider engaged audience. What’s also great is that you can see how your content is performing with analytics."

Richard Turnbull

Marketing & Communications

Manager @ UNW

If you want to earn passive, consistent traffic, generate regular, valuable backlinks, and boost your credibility and authority, then join Converge today for free.

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